Kiwanis International Foundation Newsletter February 2014

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Letter from COO Ann Updegraff Spleth

Welcome to the second issue of the Kiwanis International Foundation newsletter. I’d like to thank everyone for their overwhelmingly positive reception of this communications piece. We look forward to bringing this to you every month and we we hope you do too.

In this newsletter, you’ll find lots of helpful information and resources. For example, did you know U.S. clubs who don’t have a foundation can create a donor advised fund (DAF) at the Kiwanis International Foundation. The DAF accepts charitable gifts, and your club can make grants and give scholarships from a percentage of the fund. Of course, individuals and families can create donor advised funds also. Read more about them here.

Project Update: Schoolchildren in Pakistan receive much-needed supplies

In Pakistan, there’s a live-in school for destitute children called Fatima House. Electricity, provided by diesel generators, is sparse. Malaria is common, but medical supplies are rare. Bedding and clothing are old. School supplies are shared and workbooks are written in. This was reality before The Kiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent Golden K in Ontario, Canada, stepped in. When the club received a grant from our foundation, the children’s lives were forever changed. Continue reading about Fatima House.

Skip-a-Meal begins in April

The month of April is always full of activity for Kiwanis clubs. There’s Kiwanis One Day and also the Kiwanis International Foundation’s Skip-a-Meal program. Skip-a-Meal is a program in which clubs or individuals choose to forego their usual morning coffee, club lunch or restaurant dinners and donate that equivalent cost to the foundation. And people have a lot of fun with it! Remember, US$5 equals seven meals for children. Continue reading for ideas of activities.

Life, love and the Kiwanis experience

In the life that Troy and Paula Dibley have together, one of the things they share is the Kiwanis experience. In fact, Kiwanis is a longtime part of each of their lives—from their respective beginnings in Kiwanis youth programs to their Kiwanis-club membership and loyal giving to our foundation. Continue reading about the Dibley’s and how this couple made lasting impact by giving together.

Large gift adds momentum

The Kiwanis family is one million dollars closer to reaching its US$110 million goal—and protecting the connection between 61 million women and babies—thanks to a generous Kiwanis member. The US$1 million gift brings total funds raised for The Eliminate Project to US$47.6 million in cash and pledges as of February 3, 2014. Continue reading.

You can make a difference

With less than 18 months left in The Eliminate Project fundraising campaign, each day counts—especially for the women and babies in the 25 countries that remain at risk of maternal and neonatal tetanus. You and your club can make an impact in 2014 and help ensure that the Kiwanis family reaches its US$110 million goal by 2015. Consider these ideas. Continue reading for club ideas.

Need some advice this Valentine’s Day? Couples who plan together, stay together

This Valentine’s Day, make sure you set aside time for you and your life partner. A candlelit dinner. Soft music. A bouquet of flowers. And some estate planning documents and investment statements. Really! Continue reading about couple giving.