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Band of America’s Few – the Retired Marine Corps Band at the Gazebo Concerts Mill Pond 2013

Kiwanis Gazebo Concerts at the Mill Pond 2013


Band of America’s Few – The Retired Marine Corps Band with pre show performance by Butch Runyon

August 11, 2013, starting at 7:00 PM (pre show at 6:30 PM)

The Brighton Mill Pond Gazebo (map)

Band of America’s Few – The Retired Marine Corps Band

2011 Band of Americas Few

2011 Band of Americas Few

Band of America’s Few: Former Marine Musicians will perform at the Gazebo as one of their four performances in 2013.  The band name is based on the slogan of the U.S. Marines “The Few, the Proud, the Marines”.  Retired Master Gunnery Sergeant Matthew Farquhar, music director and CEO of the Band will be one of the 45 former Marines in concert.  Farquhar living in Japan, will be flying in to direct this performance as will other band members traveling from California, Texas, Florida, Michigan and other areas.

This special concert will be a tribute to our troops, veterans and POWs that have served this country so proudly.

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Butch Runyon

Butch Runyon

Butch Runyon

A singer/songwriter, Butch was born in Huntington, West Virginia.  From a large family, dirt poor, they lived in Gimlet Hollow on the side of a hill in a house owned by his great grandmother.  Throughout his school years his mother was left to try and feed 7 children which were abandoned most of the time by their father who was a WWII Vet, with an alcohol problem.   With no electricity, no running water, and no indoor plumbing, about all they had for entertainment was their Mother’s guitar.

Butch still has the guitar, one of his prized possessions.   He played music in local bands until 2001, with some very successful tours and venues.  His talents were singing lead and harmony, playing rhythm guitar and some leads.  The music spanned from R & R to Southern Rock, Folk & Country.

These days, retired, his love of music, hard times, and good times inspires writing songs that are heartfelt, and mostly true, with a few embellishments.

Former Bands: The 7 Coachmen, The Few, Redeye, Mirage, & Streetcorner.

He is The Storyteller.

You can hear a sample of their sound at Reverb Nation

Find the full Mill Pond 2013 summer concert schedule is here

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